We hope that local naturalists will use this site to share information – what rare species have you seen?

Edward Thatcher is the Community Forester. He is funded by the Park Heeley Area Panel. He works with local groups to plant, renew and manage trees. Locally he has worked on the following :

Brindley Estate
1 X small Ornamental Cherry (Prunus Amanogawa) – a pink blossom tree
1 X Ornamental Silver Birch (Betula Pendula Fastigata) – a very beautiful and striking upright and narrow tree
1 X Golden Alder (Alnus Incana Aurea) – a beautiful orange barked tree with red catkins.

Mundela School
1 X An Elm (Ulmus carpinifolia Wredei Aurea) – a tree with striking lime green leaves
1 X Tamarix aestivalis – a beautiful meditteranean tree
25 X Beech trees as part of a hedge

Ed is very keen to plant more in the area. If you have any ideas they would be very welcome. His contact details are as follows. If you would prefer to email click here and send your message to the Secretary who will forward your message to Ed.

Edward Thatcher
Community Forester, Park Heeley
Trees and Woodlands
Sheffield City Council
Meersbrook Park
Brook Road
S8 9FL

Tel: 0114 2734303

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