Within My World by Beryl Heathcote. Over 100 printed pages for just £6, including a donation to NoLRA funds. See the cover and read some samples here. If you’d like a copy, please contact Richard at Thorpe House Post Office, 255 1793

The Church On The Hill
Its known as St Paul’s Centre now
The church upon the hill.
Well since improvisation,
Each room they now can fill.

There’s always something going on,
No matter what the weather.
Big kids, small kids, Mums and Tots,
They all muck in together.

A lively place it has become,
A lovely meeting spot.
Especially for T H o R A,
They sort out all the lot.

Crime in the community,
Bobbies on the beat,
All about ‘Old Bishops House
And litter on the street.

Then the group of residents
Some like to have their say,
And once it almost came to blows
Bad language by the way!

But the chair calmed the FURORE,
He pulled his Big Stick out,
And said “Pipe Down You Irate Lot
Or here’s a B1 —— Clout.”

Why not come and join us?
Yes, come and have your say!
Should you have a problem,
Why not talk to Richard May.

Beryl’s Xmas Message
So deep and silent was the night,
Dark blue, the midnight sky.
An aura of Great Mystery,
While a gentle breeze passed by.

Angelic whispers on the breeze,
Sweet music from on high.
While in the East a Golden Light
Lit up the midnight sky.

The Light of God was on the earth,
The Word came from Above.
A Saviour, He is born this night,
To Bless the world with Love.

As Christmas comes around once more, It’s good to greet our friends,
With cards that bear the message
Of love that never ends.

You’re wished a Merry Christmas
The nicest you could choose.
Gifts and scrumptious festive grub,
Go easy on the booze.

The best of health and happiness,
Good luck that knows no end.
All of this we wish for you
This Christmas my dear friend

Local History Happenings
The poem I wrote of Norton Lees
Brought me a good response,
I really felt elated
I’d got it right for once.

Somehow I’ll get my brain in gear
Then start to write again,
About our happy friendly group
Who’s interest will not wane.

We all enjoyed our outing
Last summer at the Oakes.
Tea and strawberry gateaux,
All were happy folk’s

How we loved the slide shows
Of Old Norton Lees,
When people bring old maps in
Each other for to please.

We borrow and we lend stuff
And swap our stuff around.
Then chat about what we have seen
Or something we have found.

We have two leading ladies
Who run our show so well,
Vivien and Irene,
They work like Bl—- Hell !

They always try to please us
With coffee or with tea.
Then dish the chocolate biscuits out
Just join us, then you’ll see.

Two-fifty it will cost you,
Seven-thirty until nine,
We think you will enjoy it,
For we all think its fine.

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