Neighbourhood Watch

It’s easy to join….

Choose how many houses around yours you wish to include. This can be any number, most people find between 10 and 15 is ideal.

Contact Rachael 0114 296 3731 (Norton Lees Police Community Support Officer), and Wendy 0114 274 5815 (Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator), to arrange a date to start your Neighbourhood Watch.

Drop a note through the door of your nieghbours telling them that you are setting up a Neighbourhood Watch in your road. Give them the date and time for them to come and find out what is involved.

At the meeting Wendy and Rachael will tell you and your neighbours what is involved, and explain the benefits of Neighbourhood Watch.

At the meeting everyone present will receive a NHW door sticker. This alone will deter burgulars by showing your neighbours look out for each other.

You will receive regular information from the Police. If relevant to your neighbours it can be passed on to them by phone, in person, or by putting a note through their door. Many thefts and burgularies target a particular street or area repeatedly. If you know of other incidents you’ll all be better prepared.

Many insurers offer discounts if your house is in a Neighbourhood Watch area, they know how effective it is!

The Police keep accurate crime statistics. Neighbourhood Watch areas are safer and have less crime overall, not just less burgulary!

Have a sign put up in your road, again this will deter would be opportunist criminals

Find Out More

Meet those already running successful Neighbourhood Watches in Norton Lees and share their experience and ideas. Tea and coffee provided. Finishes 9pm.

For further information call Wendy 0114 274 5815

Minutes of last meeting (29 January 2009)

The following were discussed :

Eamonn Larkin, our Crime Reduction Officer gave us some advice on how to deter burglary from the outside. Houses that look well cared for are less likely to be Targeted. Keep hedges low so visibility is good back and front. All security lighting is better going on at dusk off in the morning,
Valuables are better marked with visibility marking or Smart Water (later point)
Spare Key safe is useful if attached to a hidden wall area.
Eamon gave us some stories and experiences from his past as a Community Policeman and CRO. We all learnt something new.

We now have a new Inspector Stubbs and 2 new PCSOs and a PCSO Supervisor, Photos have been displayed in the Church hall passage except for the new as they are to be added. 5 PCSOs have gone into Policing in both Derbyshire and Sheffield.

A discussion took place about adding ICE (In Case of Emergency) names into our mobile phones in addition to the relevant contact.

Area Panels have now finished and will be replaced in March by Community assemblies. Grant Money should still be available.

A steering group is looking into the possibility of forming A Woodseats Forum made up from various people within the Community both business and domestic.

Woodseats Baptist Minister is forming a Committee to look into the possibility of forming a kind of Youth Club for the local youth. One is successful in Dinnington and is currently accessing 35 young people one night a week. Woodseats Baptist Church has a lot of space to offer. This is run by relevant people but in a partnership with both the Faiths and Business.

Richard, our PCSO gave us a Newsletter update on crime statistics in our area. This will be part of our regular meetings. These included vehicle theft, criminal damage, burglary and assault. Be aware burglaries are becoming more common via cellar grates.

I am to attend a Watchline meeting at Nunnery Square in February to finalise the working. PCSO Supervisor Natalie Dixon has been given training so hopefully we will finally get things out from Woodseats Police Station.

I am looking at funding for SmartWater distribution. If you are interested you need to get a few Neighbours on board to make it a street possibility; this is cheaper and a sign for the Road is supplied. No thief will enter a SmartWater Area. Let me know if you are interested