Buses Pam Horner from SYPTE was asked to provide information about local bus services. Scroll to the end for the latest updates.

Following a recent meeting with your Resident’s Association, I have been asked to write an article explaining how public transport is provided in your area.

The Authority consists of 12 local councillors representing the four district authorities of South Yorkshire who are responsible for determining the policy within which the Executive delivers its services.

The main duties of the Transport Executive are:-

Provision and maintenance of infrastructure including stops, shelters and interchanges. Building management of facilities

Provision of information including timetables, Traveline, Travel Information Centres, Your next bus text messaging, bus stop timetables, travel advice for business and education etc.

Administration of the concessionary fares scheme including funding

Local rail services under the northern franchise and provided by Northern Rail

Accessible and rural services and development of new bus based initiatives such as Park and Ride

In order to deliver these functions the Executive receives a budget through a levy on the four district authorities of South Yorkshire.

The vast majority of bus services are provided on a commercial basis by the bus operators. This means that the services rely wholly on fares charged and, in the case of concessionary fare passes on the revenue provided by the Transport Executive for the support of free and concessionary travel.

The operators will only provide services based on potential numbers of passengers travelling. Sometimes passenger levels drop below the figure which can ensure a service remains commercial and occasionally this results in the withdrawal of routes. The operators are responsible for determining the frequency of these services, together with the routes and hours of operation.

In certain circumstances the Transport Executive can provide subsidy to support services which cannot be operated on a commercial basis by the operator. However, the budget for these services is finite and as prices for the provision of service rise this budget buys less. As such the Transport Authority has approved criteria within which these services are considered.
Contracts are usually let for a period of 3-5 years.

This criteria is applied to services which are withdrawn, altered or following requests for new routes to be established which cannot be operated commercially by the operators. The criteria is based on the level of existing service, the numbers travelling, the walking distance from existing services and the ability to change buses or modes at a safe location e.g. Doncaster Interchange. The Executive does not routinely fund services which operate across County boundaries unless this is part of a joint arrangement with a neighbouring authority.

Bus service 33 operates between Hillsborough and Jordanthorpe serving Thorpe House from Hollythorpe Rise. The service is operated wholly under contract to the Transport Executive. This means that this route is fully subsidised from the Transport Executive’s budget for contracted bus services.

Bus services 1 and 2 and 20/20A are operated on a commercial basis by First. These services rely wholly on revenue to determine financial viability and the operators determine the routes, frequencies etc for these services.

Community Transport in Sheffield is largely provided by Sheffield Community Transport together with a number of small providers and is subsidised by the Transport Executive. The service offers a mixture of Dial A Bus and Dial A Ride services for those customers who are unable to access the existing main bus service due to permanent or temporary disability or because they are frail,
elderly. Community Transport Services operate within the Thorpe House area on Monday to the City Centre, Tuesday to Meadowhall and Wednesday to the City Centre. A range of other, pre book able journeys are available.

If any resident requires additional information relating to provision of any aspect of public transport please contact:- Pam Horner, External Relations Manager, South Yorkshire PTE, 0114 2211452

As promised I am getting back to you regarding the issue of the evening terminating journey on routes 1 and 33 raised by residents at the recent meeting. There have been a number of discussions relating to this service. We have now ascertained that because First do not operate the contract for the route in the evenings – this is TM Travel – and they operate the whole of the daytime service on a commercial basis, they chose to terminate their last departure from Meadowhall at Batemoor. This means that the last journey will not run through from Meadowhall to Hollythorpe. The reason it was included in the timetable was because First did not cancel the service registration from which these are compiled resulting in the journey remaining as a through run. This will be rectified at the next available print which will be during the summer but I would appreciate if you could ensure that your members are aware not to catch the last First departure on service 1 if they wish to travel to Hollythorpe from Meadowhall but to travel through the city centre (which is probably quicker anyway.

Another update!
I can confirm that the registration to alter the 1/33 service at Jordanthorpe has been submitted and as a result the timetable will be changed.


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  1. Don’t know when this info is but as far as I remember services 1 & 2 have not operated for years, and I don’t think they were operated by FIRST, and the number 33 is also defunct.

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