Development going ahead

According to the Sheffield Telegraph, the council have approved Miller Homes application to build around 140 houses on the land owned by Hallam University between Hemsworth Rd, Derbyshire Lane, Warminster Road and Mount View Road. The plans include;

● 131 homes built in total.
● 90 two-storey houses with garages.
● 40 properties for housing association.
● 24 for affordable social housing.
● 16 for shared ownership.

Despite 35 objections, it was approved. It remains to be seen how this affects the quality of life for those surrounding the area, the increased pressure on schools and how we will all deal with 100+ more cars coming out onto Derbyshire Lane twice a day.

The SCC planning website says the case is still awaiting approval, but it seems certain to go ahead. The site plan is shown below and can be downloaded here.



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