Playing fields – new planning application ;(

The Uni have submitted a new application to built seat and 8m high lighting on some of their playing fields off Warminster road.If it’s different to the previous one, it’s hard to tell!

Re-development of sports ground to provide an artificial (3G) sports pitch, 3m high boundary fencing, provision of car parking area, coach parking area, 8 x 15m flood lights, spectator accommodation, provision of acoustic screen and bund, access drive and alterations to means of access to Warminster Road (amended plans and additional info)

Provision of two artificial sports pitches with 15m high floodlights and 3m high boundary fencing, erection of single-storey changing facility/management suite and covered spectator stand, provision of car parks, coach drop off point/parking area, boundary fencing and alterations to existing vehicular access from Warminster Road

I seems to me the same issues are involved, the noise is a lesser on, but floodlights blazing away at night will affect all of those (like myself!) who back onto the fields. Here’s one of the many documents on the site.




Playing fields – new planning application ;( — 1 Comment

  1. Investment in the area can only be a good thing. Provided they can have rules in place, that we can hold them accountable for should they breach, for floodlight usage late at night then pouring money into getting the coaches off Warminster and generally improving the facilities to bring in external investment can only be good. If we can get teams from far and wide playing here it will help boost the local economy.

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