Major re-development planned in Norton Lees – spread the word!


this is only 60 houses…

A deal is being struck between the University and a developer to build (so we hear) around 140 houses on the playing fields bordered by Warminster road, Mountview road and Derbyshire Lane. Reps from the University have already told residents of the two houses they own (next to the Mount Pleasant pub) that they have to vacate the buildings, with no recompense for the 1000s of pounds of work they have put in, in the next few months. This will allow them to knock down the houses and create an access road to facilitate the development.

The university have clearly intended to cash in on this land for decades, what a tragedy that they couldn’t find a more imaginative, creative solution that might have brought residents onside and actually benefited the community. There was a plan some years ago to sell off the entire playing fields above Mountview road to build houses on, but this fell through because it was felt the estate couldn’t deal with the amount of extra traffic. Surely this is the case with this new plan?

the houses at risk

the houses at risk

Aside from the personal hardships for the residents of the two houses, this will clearly have a major impact upon everyone backing onto the field, with falling property values, plus an unimaginable amount of noise and disruption. You can also imagine the safety issues of 140 odd cars trying to enter & exit through one narrow road, meeting Derbyshire lane at right angles. This new road will clearly be sloping, in winter this could be a death trap.

There appears to be no planning application submitted yet, they may be waiting to clear the two houses before the deal is done. So, we need to publicise this far and wide before it is too late.

There’s a petition in the newsagents…

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Major re-development planned in Norton Lees – spread the word! — 3 Comments

  1. This is presumably using up Cowmouth Farm site as well. There has been several challenges on this. Even though historic site of importance and also likely to be lot of archaeology on site as near bronze age barrow and on medieval farm land and Cowmouth farm the last of the Norton Dairy farms complete with farmyard and cowsheds, even though Mount Pleasant is the old quarry masters house and nearby Boleshill goes back to bronze age there is no conservation area, no places listed so no one cares. Many residents have also complained about possible traffic. Traffic on Derbyshire lane is already horrendous. One child died crossing to Mundella school not long ago. When its an event at Graves Park traffic gets even heavier.

  2. Houses have to be built somewhere and young people need somewhere to live. No one wants their environment to change, and I have lived in this area most of my 60 yrs. And I think its inevitable and will likely bring better shopping and services to Norton Lees.

  3. They cant force these people out if their houses, unless it’s compulsory purchase. They will try to get away with paying the least they can, we had the same and you are entitled to full compensation and full market price for the property.

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