PACT Meetings

pact1Three years ago the government of the time introduced a Policing Pledge. Part of that pledge was to hold regular public meetings known as PACT meetings. PACT being an acronym for Partners and Communities together. These meetings were to provide an opportunity for the public to consult with both their local police team and partnership agencies about local issues. They were also to be a platform for the setting of local priorities. Unfortunately, despite significant marketing we failed to get any significant attendance and so the meetings moved to our current drop-in sessions in public spaces.

The new Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable have reviewed our community engagement strategy and decided to re-introduce PACT meetings across the county to improve community engagement. These new PACT meetings will where possible be chaired by the local councillor. They will be held bi-monthly and will provide an opportunity for you to meet us and discuss any issues you wish. I will try and attend the meetings wherever possible along with key partners. If I’m not able to attend I will ensure that one of the Sergeants is there. Please come along if you are able.

Tuesday 17th June 14 – Brindley Meeting Room, Brindley Crescent, Norton Lees – 2pm – 3pm

Ian Stubbs

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