This is particularly relevant in the lead up to Christmas where people leave valuable presents under the tree, often in full view, sometimes in a conservatory where they may not be that secure. Please seriously consider hiding presents away until the big day. Which would spoil your christmas more, not putting the presents under the tree or having them stolen? People always say it won’t happen to me. Are you sure?

The last few months have been very challenging for us in terms of Burglaries in this area. I therefore thought it important to reassure you of our commitment to tackle the problem and to highlight some of the good work that has been undertaken. That said I won’t hide from the fact that the number of Burglaries has increased significantly in the last few months and would encourage everyone to please take responsibility for crime prevention. The advice at the bottom of this newsletter is worth reading and following. In particular don’t leave keys either in the door or on a hook near the door, ensure your property is secure and try not to leave valuables on display.

If you have Eurolocks fitted to your UPVC doors then ensure they are the anti-snap ones. It is relatively cheap and easy to change them and is probably the most significant thing you can do to secure your home. Any locksmith will be able to advise you but please see the link below for information http://www.euro-secure.com/locksnapping.asp

Ian Stubbs
South SNA

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