Bus route changes

A public show of opposition to the proposed bus route changes (see recent posts) took place today. Around 70 local residents came to explain why they really needed this service to travel up Scarsdale road. Councillor Ian Auckland gave his support, as did Richard May from the Post Office and NoLRA committee members John Brown and Nick Robinson.

Apparently, passenger numbers are behind the changes, but public transport should never be just about profit, it’s a vital service for the whole neighbourhood.

Here’s a related news feature in the Morning Telegraph



Bus route changes — 1 Comment

  1. Proposed changes to the 17 seem disgusting and everything I have seen so far i.e. Web site for the bus changes, where it may operate and also the small piece that appeared in the Free paper. no mention has been made of just exactly what the route for No.17 bus will be. Is it missing out the Hollythorpe Estate altogether, if so a lot of people will be isolated. Many need it to access doctors both at Heeley Green and Woodseats. Not all are able to walk to say Warminster Road or wherever it is proposed that it will go. I have seen a mention of Upper Albert Road, surely they do not intend to bring buses up that very steep hill with all its speed bumps. Not only will the elderly suffer if this bus does not run into the Hollythorpe Area, but also, disabled and mums with prams and small children, not every one has access to a car or able to run one. Any thoughts.
    Why do the powers that be,not ask the people in the areas to be affected what their thoughts are?
    The times and dates for the so call “drop in sessions” were either very early morning or shall I say at the the tea time rush hour, which seems to be they were catering for the “workers” what about the rest of the people?

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