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Closure of Hemsworth road

Having watched water pour out of the ground by the entrance to Graves Park, the repair men chose to wait for winter to strike before attempting to fix it. The result is no through road from the water tower and “road closed” signs all the way up from Scarsdale road. Be interesting to see if they are working in this inclement weather ūüėČ

Development proceeding :(

Demolition is set to begin at Norton Playing Fields, Derbyshire Lane for development of 138 dwellings. Sheffield Council ignored scores of local objections but funnily enough heard the ¬£265K ‘contribution’ from the Landowner, Sheffield Hallam University, towards Cricket Strategy Provision in the city. Why are we not surprised?

Trees – make your feelings known

Here’s the scene today on Lees Hall Avenue, clearly this tree was perfectly healthy and causing no inconvenience to anyone. If you see any felling going on, please make your thoughts known, but be careful, they are arresting people at the drop of a hat. So much for democracy in a Labour Council.

Contact Sheffield Tree Action Groups. (STAG) if you want to become more involved.


Ward priorities

Each year every ward in Sheffield produces a list of three or four Ward Priorities; this is your opportunity as a local resident to have your say about what they should be for your neighbourhood. The ward priorities contribute to discussions with partners on local activity so you can see from them what local councillors and partners are working towards in your area. Councillors also use the ward priorities to help them decide how they allocate ward pot money to local groups and services in the ward.

Please follow the link below to fill in the short online questionnaire; although it shouldn’t take more than about five minutes there is space to add additional comments if you want to spend more time giving a detailed response.


Norton Sports Centre development

A planning application for substantial improvements to Norton Sports Centre has been approved by¬†Sheffield City Council. At the heart of the plans are two new artificial pitches ‚Äď one for hockey and one for rugby/football. Both new pitches will be high quality, with spectator seating and new changing facilities.

There is a drop-in on thursday 31st August between 3.30 and 6.30 to see what is planned and to tell the developers how they could be used to benefit the local community.

More details and a map can be found here and you can leave comments about the project.



Development going ahead

According to the Sheffield Telegraph, the council have approved Miller Homes application to build around 140 houses on the land owned by Hallam University between Hemsworth Rd, Derbyshire Lane, Warminster Road and Mount View Road. The plans include;

‚óŹ 131 homes built in total.
‚óŹ 90 two-storey houses with garages.
‚óŹ 40 properties for housing association.
‚óŹ 24 for affordable social housing.
‚óŹ 16 for shared ownership.

Despite 35 objections, it was approved. It remains to be seen how this affects the quality of life for those surrounding the area, the increased pressure on schools and how we will all deal with 100+ more cars coming out onto Derbyshire Lane twice a day.

The SCC planning website says the case is still awaiting approval, but it seems certain to go ahead. The site plan is shown below and can be downloaded here.